Monday, September 10, 2012

Celebrating Five Years of Rambling

October 10, 2012 I've only just realized that it has been five years since I started blogging. I remember so clearly because my blog started as a way to journal during a fabulous trip I took with my husband, Alan, for his work to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in May 2007. at the time, I called my blog "Chile-Argentina Dreams" because it was truly a dream trip for me! If you'd like to read the whole story on that blog, cut & paste this:;postID=2005703797218376963 It was right around the time of my 60th birthday so it's easy to remember. But even more memorable, the day before we left, Alan brought home a BMW 325i for my birthday gift! (I thought the trip was my gift!) Now granted, he got the car on Craig's List and it was 4 years old. But who cares...I had admired that car since the 70s when I worked with a young lady who drove on. I alwasy thought hers was cute and admired it. Sincerely, I am not one who pays any attention to cars, types, brands or styles. My main interest is the MY car runs and gives me no hassles. However, there has just always been something about the BMW that touched my fancy! In Santiago, Chile, as Alan worked, I took the subway to visit some tourist sights and to see some art. On my way back as I stepped out of the subway, I spotted a lady selling jewelry and low and behold, it was bead-crochet bracelets done with wire. I just had to buy one as an example of crochet in other parts of the world.
I've since made one like it in other colors:
In Buenos Aires,Argentina I connected with the mother of the sister-in-law of a woman I worked with. She was a lovely 80-something lady so cordial to meet me at my hotel and spend the day showing me around a fabulous craft cooperative area where my eyes feasted on the folk art of the country. I bought yarn there and have never used it. Sentimental, I guess!
In Montevideo, Uruguay, Alan's distributor assigned the task of showing me around to his assistant. I had spotted the name, "Manos de Uruaguay" and ask her to take me there so I could buy some yarn. Come to find out it was a retail store where they sold everything except yarn. They had all kinds of knitted and crocheted items using the Manos yarn. I got over it; she had been assigned to buy me a gift; so, I decided on a fabulously soft leather purse and I love it dearly to this day.
It was a fabulous trip and Alan's distributor in Santiago had us over to his house for a "churassco" (barbeque) on my birthday and they made a lovely celebration for me. I'll never forget that trip. It was one of the few trips taken by Alan on which I accompanied him. He traveled for years all over the world and I was busy usually being a nurse, a mother and/or a crocheter. I missed a lot, but I was content to be home. Finally there was time to enjoy and that's what made this trip so special.! Once home, I realized the joys of blogging and also realized that I have an indelible connection between my crochet and my life. I have traveled to other parts of the world since that trip and everywhere I go I encounter crocheters and fabulous folk and fiber art. I know that crochet is an international language that connects all of us who are passionate about our craft. So, I continue to blog and added the word "rambling" to the title, so that gives me lots of leeway to write about whatever I want and inevitably I find a connection between crochet and life! Back here at was an exciting week because I won a prize in my CGOA Chapter's Annual Dan Kahan Benjamin Challenge. This year the theme was "Inspiration from Dr. Seuss" and our Chairperson, Annie, did an excellent job organizing the theme, the prizes and the encouragement. I won 2nd prize with my "Green Eggs & Hambone Necklace" and my prize was more yarn to play with!
The weekend was filled with crafti-ness! Not only the chapter meeting, but we dashed downtown to Wicker Park to attend the 10th Annual Renegade Craft Fair. We were definitely out-numbered by twenty/thirty-somethings, but then there were some other proud grayhares there also. We are cool enough to be interested in such things! I wrote about it in my Examiner article this week: On Sunday after exploring for a new breakfast spot, we went to the Suburban Bead Encounter where beads from Hobo Glass had been calling to me since I saw them back in June iat the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee! Mission completed and now I have something else on my "to-do" list! Joy!