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World Intellectual Property Day

Thursday, May 3, 2012. I'm running just a bit behind because International Intellectual Rights Day was April 26, 2012. Yes, you're right, there's a special day for almost anything! I will have to find out when to celebrate International Blogger's Day! I had a recent experience of my own that got me thinking, AGAIN, about designers' rights. I taught a crochet class at a bead store and provided written instructions for an original design bracelet. I taught them how to crochet and how to crochet with wire and beads using this pattern. Each student went home with her copy of the pattern. A month or so after the class I got an email from one of the students proudly telling me that she had finished her class bracelet and was making more. She went on to say, that she would use the class model to promote and sell the others she was making! I gave it some thought and then answered her in a professional way. I told her that as a "friendly reminder" I had…