Tuesday, December 1, 2009


August 2, 2010-Catching up with photos over these last 8 months that have FLOWN by. To see the birth story and early photos, scroll below.

Loves to swim!

Loves to play!

June 2010-Chloe's Christening-dress crocheted by Crochetqueen!

May 29, 2010-At Papa's 90th Birthday with 2nd cousin Kaylee-7 months old

Easter 2010-6 months old

St Patty's Day 2010-3 1/2 months old

February 2010-2 1/2 months old

Her first vacation-Florida February 2010-2 months old
CHLOE MARIE : Born November 24, 2009 at 12:27 PM to Nicole and Jeff Wawok. She weighed 6#-7 oz and was 20 inches long. Of course she is gorgeous and cute and the full head of black hair is definitely a plus!Becoming a "Grandma" ("GiGi" in Gwen-language) for the first time is amazing, wonderful, fun and challenging all at the same time. Others would have a myriad of other adjectives to add, I am sure. It's tiring too, so I am going to cut and paste snippets from messages that I have sent out since her birth. They will be accurate and up to the minute thoughts that I have had anyway. Moreso than if I were to try and re-capture those thougts now on day seven!

December 25: Alan, Beth and I traveled to Northville to be with our new little Christmas angel and of course, her parents. the trip was uneventful except we couldn't find any fast food joints open so we got no breakfast! Cant say thati have been out on the road on Christmas Day in a long time!We enjoyed hordeurves, Chicago beef sandwiches and all kinds of sweets with Jeff's folks too!

Too, too cute!

 On the gorgeous quilt made by Great Aunt Alice. It matches Chloe's room perfectly!

Snuggling the crocheted fishy made by Auntie Josie (CroJo)