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August 2, 2010-Catching up with photos over these last 8 months that have FLOWN by. To see the birth story and early photos, scroll below.

Loves to swim!

Loves to play!

June 2010-Chloe's Christening-dress crocheted by Crochetqueen!

May 29, 2010-At Papa's 90th Birthday with 2nd cousin Kaylee-7 months old

Easter 2010-6 months old

St Patty's Day 2010-3 1/2 months old

February 2010-2 1/2 months old

Her first vacation-Florida February 2010-2 months old
CHLOE MARIE : Born November 24, 2009 at 12:27 PM to Nicole and Jeff Wawok. She weighed 6#-7 oz and was 20 inches long. Of course she is gorgeous and cute and the full head of black hair is definitely a plus!Becoming a "Grandma" ("GiGi" in Gwen-language) for the first time is amazing, wonderful, fun and challenging all at the same time. Others would have a myriad of other adjectives to add, I am sure. It's tiring too, so I am going to cut and paste snippets from messages that I have sent out since her birth. They w…